The Private Yacht Charter Experience

If you've ever traveled by cruise ship, you will be delighted to discover that a yacht charter is worlds beyond that experience. Your crew is not going to tell you to be back aboard by 5:00pm or the ship will depart without you.... Nobody will give you your choice of early or late seating for meals and a fixed menu.... You dine when you wish and you enjoy titillating your palate with the chef's offerings that are prepared with your cuisine plan in mind. And as regards accommodations, luxuriously-appointed staterooms with ensuite heads are the faire. In short, a yacht charter evolves around your personal floating resort. 

World-class crew with white-glove service are your personal staff on board to accommodate your every need. The cuisine is yours to plan with the chef. The itinerary is yours to design with your captain and charter agent. The activities are yours to organize with the crew. Whether you want to play on the jet skis, explore an island, snorkel the reef, sport-fish, visit the casino, or just plain relax, a private yacht charter is all according to your grandest wants, needs, and desires.

Go Anywhere
Enjoy new destinations of your choice every day. The itinerary is flexible and tailored to you. Whether you want to dive the Great Barrier Reef, kite surf in South America, explore the historical seaside towns of New England, bask along the wondrous reefs and lagoons of the Bahamas, relish in the nightlife of Monaco and St. Tropez, Croatia, Greece, the Italian Islands……or just disappear, the world is yours to behold.  

Do Anything
What you do on your yacht charter is your choice. Not only will your yacht have exciting options on board, but as you choose where you go, onshore excursions are as easy to access as simply saying what you want. Relax in luxury as you receive a massage at a spa in Italy. Leave your stress behind as you overlook the Caribbean in your onboard hot tub. Play in the Bahamas aboard the jet skis that came with your yacht as the rest of your party snorkels. The beauty of a private yacht charter is that everyone can enjoy activities of their choosing, making it a wonderful family vacation. The vast majority of yacht charters involve families with the yacht and crew prepared to provide a level of food, fun and events to satisfy each and every member of the clan. All of those vacation dreams you imagined, become realities.

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