Sicily and Aeolian Islands

Dramatic coastlines and great diving combine to form Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. Enjoy a relaxed low-key vacation or experience the adventurous side of life. Turquoise waters dapple along the black sand beaches. Explore the natural beauty or walk among world-famous vineyards. Step back in time as you visit ancient cities of old. 

Sample Itinerary


Day 1 - Stromboli

Your first night in Stromboli will be punctuated by brilliant flames in the evening sky, as this island houses Europe’s only continuously erupting volcano. Enjoy dinner on the terrace at one of the many local restaurants to take in this fantastic view. Envelope your senses with traditional Sicilian dishes, from Swordfish Involtini to Fresh pasta stuffed with Bottarga fish roe. Get a closer view of the volcano by partaking in an adventurous three-hour sunset hike to the summit. If you arrive before sunset, start your vacation by relaxing at Ficogrande, one of the island’s spectacular black sand beaches.


Day 2 - Panarea

Disconnect and enjoy the scenery of this tiny island. As the second smallest of Sicily’s Aeolian Islands, you will not find any cars or streetlights. Travel among the whitewashed homes, olive grove, and vineyards is done by electric cart. This island is practically made for exploring as the coastline features hidden coves, sheer cliffs, and crystal clear waters. In the evenings, you will find all the fun in Nightclub Raya. Panarea is nearly unreachable by anything other than a private yacht, making this island ideal for an exclusive vacation. 


Day 3 - Vulcano

Three volcanoes have fused together to form this island. Volcanic bubbles, caused by submerged fumaroles, dot the coastline warming up the local waters. The remnants of these volcanoes create several beautiful beaches. Spiaggia Di Sabbia Nera is sweeping with volcanic sands. On the southern tip, you will find Gelso but only if you travel by boat as it is only accessible from the sea. Climb to the summit of Fossa to find the healing mud baths of Fanghi in the Gran Cratere.


Day 4 - Lipari

Within these quays you may see the likes of Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in the summertime. Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands, and the residential community here can be dated back to 5000BC. As with the other Aeolion Islands, an ancient volcano is to thank for this uniquely beautiful landscape. Along the coastline is a 26-KM trail where you can walk, hike, or jog to take in the moonscape geology. Join the locals for late night celebrations on Lipari’s Spiaggia Bianca Beach that continue well into the next day.


Day 5 - Salina

This island is the prime destination of many due to the fact that the internationally famed 1995 Il Postino was filmed here. Despite the foot traffic, Salina has stood the test of time. The pedestrian streets are lined with boutiques and restaurants. Sip a Granita at Da Alfredo Bar or taste wine during a tour at local vineyards. Hike to the summit of Monte Fossa Delle Felci. Soak in the sunset with a dinner  crafted by your on board chef.


Day 6 - Filicudi

The quaint island of Filicudi stretches 9 square kilometers. Two tiny ports service this humble land. As you explore, you will find a few homes, a few goats, and vast amounts of prickly pear trees. The volcanoes that make up this island include Fossa Felci, Montagnola, and Capo Graziano. The surrounding reefs and grottos are great environments for snorkeling, especially the Grotto of the Sealion.


Day 7 - Palermo

In contrast to Filicudi, Palermo is a bustling city dating back nearly three millennia. Explore the vast horizons from antique churches to eerie catacombs. The Arabian culture made this town into what it is today. Its unique spices and rich ice cream are known around the world. To relax and enjoy a more peaceful environment, make your way to the isolated bays of the Aegadian Islands.


Day 8 - Favignana

Monte Santa Caterina stands tall on this butterfly shaped island. Discover the natural beauty of Favignana by hiking, biking, or exploring the caves carved from Calcarenite rock. Take a dip in the crystal-clear pools that now fill former Tufo Quarries. Watch as the local fishermen catch your dinner using the ancient technique of Tonnara.


Day 9 - Syracuse

Once known as the largest city in the ancient world, this beautiful island encapsulates the era of its time. Roam the streets to soak in the pure ambience of Sicily. Discover the combination of modern and vintage at its finest with citrus trees, ruins, piazzas, cobbled streets, medieval villages, and local markets. Don’t miss the fifth century BC Teatro Greco in the Parco Archeologico Della Neapolis.


Day 10 - Riposto

Mount Etna, the Mediterranean’s most active volcano, dominates this island. Enjoy the outdoors by hiking or biking around this beautiful landscape. Historically, this town was known for swapping, selling, and storing wine. Continuing this tradition, the town is at the center of the Etna wine route that follows through terraces, orchards, and olive groves. Jump onto Etna’s cable car and make your way to the summit for sweeping sunset views with a glass of Sicilian Nero D’avola.


Day 11 - Taormina

This international destination has been a place of reprieve since the 19th century. DH Lawrence, Truman Capote, Cary Grant, and Woody Allen have all made their way here. This town sits on the edge of a cliff, accessible by cable car, backed up to Mount Etna. Far below the town are glistening shores, Taormina’s Grottos, and hidden coves. The nearby nature reserve, Isola Bella, was only recently opened to the public in 1990 and is nicknamed “The Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. This untouched land is a thriving habitat for native animal and plant life.

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